Loup Lands Wildlife Management Area

With 485 acres along the Loup River near the Loup power canal head gates.
It is three miles southwest of town | Genoa, NE

Prairie Wolf Wildlife Management Area

Includes 972 acres, mostly bottomlands along the Loup, with some grasslands and marshes.
A mile south of town on Highway 39 | Genoa, NE

Sunny Hollow Wildlife Management Area

160 acres of mostly grassy uplands, with some wetlands.
Genoa, NE

George Syas Wildlife Management Area

Fronts about a mile and a half of the Loup River. About half of its 917 acres is wooded; the other half is prairie, crops and planted shrubs.
It is two miles south-southeast of Genoa on Highway 39, then 1½ miles east, then 1 mile north | Genoa, NE

Tonwantonga Roadside Exhibit

Principal village of the Omaha Tribe from 1775-1845. Has a Nebraska Historical Marker and four National Park Service informational panels.
Three miles north of Homer on Highway 75/77 | Homer, NE

Basswood Ridge Wildlife Management Area

A 360-acre area of rugged and heavily-wooded bluffs overlooking the Missouri River Valley.
The area is two miles northwest of town on a county road (follow the sign from Highway 77) | Homer, NE

Omadi Bend Wildlife Management Area

33 acres of bottomland forest by an oxbow lake.
Two miles north and 2½ miles east of town | Homer, NE

Maple Creek Recreation Area

The 160-acre reservoir offers hiking, biking, horseback riding trails, boating, picnic and playground equipment. Camping – 10 tents and 50 trailers.
Located ½ mile west of Leigh, NE | (402) 371-7313

Big Elk Park and Hole in the Rock Recreation Area

906 Co Rd 36 | Macy, NE | (402) 837-5391

Mulberry Bend Wildlife Management Area

A six-acre area that is one mile east of Maskell on Highway 12, then 2½ miles north.
Maskell, NE