Reinita Restaurant

Reinita Restaurant – Website

Guatemalan Cuisine Restaurant in Fremont. They have breakfast, lunch, and dinner covered!

343 N. Main St. | Fremont, NE | (402) 816-4136


Monday   Closed

Tuesday – Thursday & Sunday     10am – 9am

Friday                                               10 am – 1am

Saturday                                           8am – 1am

Buffalo Wild Wings

1220 E. 23rd St. Suite 300 | Fremont, NE | (402)727-7426

Premium Black Label Burgers & Shakes

Black Label – Website

Fremont’s newest family friendly restaurant.  They serve savory gourmet burgers, signature cocktails or beer on tap and if you are feeling something sweet try their handcrafted shakes!

1755 N. Bell St.| Fremont, NE | (402) 459-2950


Tuesday – Thursday     11am – 9pm

Friday – Saturday          11am – 11am

Sunday                            11am – 3pm

Closed on Mondays

Washington County Museum

Washington County Museum – Website

102 N. 14th St. | Fort Calhoun, NE |(402) 468-5740

“Today, the Washington County Museum strives to be the keeper of our county’s history.  We endeavor to bring the stories of our past to life in new and engaging ways, through exhibits about the First Council meeting between Lewis & Clark and the Otoe-Missouria tribes, relics of Fort Atkinson, archaeological finds, and stories of our pioneer families and the towns they built. We desire to preserve our family stories for future generations, and tell them in ways that engage and involve children and adults alike.” ~ taken from Washington County Museum website


Tuesday-Friday    9am – 5pm

Saturday               9am – 1pm

Too Far North

Too Far North – Facebook Page

Wine, Beer, and Spirits

111 North 14th St. (US Hwy 75) | Fort Calhoun, NE | (402) 468-9463


Thursday & Friday     3pm – 7pm

Saturday                     2pm – 7:30pm

Sunday                        2pm – 6pm

Martinez Bakery

Martinez Bakery – Facebook Page

A Mexican bakery in Fort Calhoun and they make many yummy sweets such as concha’s, cuernitos, orejitas and so much more!

1341 Stevenson St. | Fort Calhoun, NE | (402) 237-5656

Hours: (approximate)

Monday-Sunday      7am-3pm

Cherry Hill Church & Community Coffee House

Cherry Hill – Facebook Page

105 S. 14th St. | Fort Calhoun, NE |

“Cherry Hill is a place that is open all through the week for the primary purpose of providing a place for personal relationships to form, grow, and be strengthened. We value interacting with people, getting to know their name and their story, and sharing in their life experiences. ” ~quoted from Cherry Hill website

They serve ice cream and coffee and are always up for conversation.

Visit their website or Facebook page for up-to-date hours.

LongHorn Bar & Grill

LongHorn Bar & Grill – Facebook Page

101 S. 14th St. | Fort Calhoun, NE |(402) 468-5670


Monday – Sunday   11am – 2am 

The Rustic

The Rustic – Facebook Page

A small town, family run, restaurant that serves American home cooking!

116 S. 14th St. | Fort Calhoun, NE | (402) 468-5565

The Fort Bar

The Fort Bar – Facebook Page

A sports bar that always has something going on!

1311 Court St. | Fort Calhoun, NE | (402) 468-4676

Hours: (hours may differ, visit Facebook page or contact the bar for exact information) 

Tuesday-Saturday  5:00pm – 2am