Outlaw Trail

The wild west era where famous outlaws, horse thieves, lynch mobs, and lawmen ruled this area is past. Today along the Outlaw Trail (Nebraska Highway 12), you’ll be greeted only by friendly folks and big smiles as well as plenty of quiet hideaways.

Extending from the metropolitan area of South Sioux City to the “Old West” in Valentine, the Outlaw Trail Byway meanders alongside the Niobrara and Missouri Rivers where steep bluffs and tree-shrouded slopes give way to lush, rolling green hills. Jesse James and his gang reportedly hid out in the rugged wooded terrain known as the Devil’s Nest, where a curious formation of trees and brush on a hillside forms the word, “DEVIL.”

On the western end of the byway, verdant farmland graduates into the wide open spaces of ranching country and the massive Sandhills region of Nebraska.

Following the Outlaw Trail takes you through the Santee Sioux Reservation, which is home to 750 tribal members. This region is known for its friendly people, small towns, and immense landscapes. If you are respectable folks who are craving scenic beauty or wishing to explore this region’s colorful history, then the Outlaw Trail is a route you shouldn’t miss.

Length: 238.0 mi

Time to Allow: 7 hours

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